team2017bThe campsite is managed by a team of volunteers, consisting of a campstaff and several other team members. The staff, wich is changing every week, is staying in the cottage. The other members of the team are present on the 'Hoofdveld' campsite.

The campstaff:

• Welcomes new campers.
• Transports (heavy) group luggage with the tractor over the Naaldenveld.
• Provides (tourist) information about surroundings, supermarkets, hospitals, doctor's visits, public transport, etc.
• Takes care of the incoming and outgoing mail.
• Sells cards, stamps, stickers and Naaldenveld badges.
• Lends game material.
• Collects found objects.
• Supports, if necessary, and, if possible, first aid materials and care.
• Manages the night register completed by the groups.
• Ensures that the campsite is treated with respect
• Makes sure that the campers comply with the rules of the camp.
• Sets the payment settlement.
• Sometimes takes a time out to eat and sleep.

When arriving at the Naaldenveld, sign in at the campstaff. After registration, they show you your campsite. During the summer camp weeks, the campfire organizes a leaders meeting on Saturday night (a representation of) all camping groups. In addition to getting acquainted with the other groups in the field, you can match all sorts of things in your program. The campstaff is present 24 hours a day and, in case of emergency, ALWAYS available.