teammolok'Het Naaldenveld' has a number of camp rules. These are intended to make everyone enjoy a pleasant and safe stay. Therefore the rules are compulsory. See also the Naaldenveld ABC. We expect you to go through the rules with your own camping company. During the (summer) holiday season, this will also be done by the campstaff on Saturday evenings with the representation of all groups present.

It is not allowed to use cars, motorbikes, mopeds, or bikes on the site. Cars and motorbikes must be parked in the parking lot, bikes and mopeds in the bicycle area. If the parking lot is full, you must park outside the grounds. Wheelbarrows and handcars are available for the transport of camping material. Large amounts of luggage can be transported to the campsite for a small fee.

Fire may only be made in the designated fire bins that are on the concrete plate at your field. Deposit charcoal in the designated bin at the parking lot. Campfires must be extinguished with water when leaving the campsite or before sleeping. Make sure there is always sufficient extinguishing media (fire extinguisher and water) present during the camp fire. At the end of your stay, please tidy the firebox.

Waste disposal is becoming increasingly expensive. Cans, boxes, milk cartons and so on, take less place in the garbage container when made flat before throwing them away. The waste container on the premises is exclusively intended for the disposal of household waste. Other items like out-of-use themed material or broken camp equipment must be taken home with you. Plastic waste can be deposited in the designated containers in Bentveld of Zandvoort.

Dogs are not allowed.

Do not climb the fences or go through the flight doors unless there is an emergency. The adjoining (private) parcels are not accessible from 'Het Naaldenveld'.

Do not chop or cut in the trees, do not destroy bushes or fences. Digging of pits is not allowed. During the summer camps, the groups have corvee for the large sanitary building. Keep the sanitary ware tidy and clean and warn the campstaff in case of malfunctions or accidents.

Cleaning vegetables, brushing pans or washing dishes can be done at the outside of the sanitairy building. Every dishwashing must end in cleaning the sink, so that another is not faced with your food residue and grease.

Consider the privacy of others, both on site and in the environment. Do not walk or play at another's campsite. The Naaldenveld is close to houses. Prevent noise pollution. Between 23:00 and 07:00, the night's sleep should not be disturbed. The management is responsible for complying with this, so that everyone from scout, camp staff to neighbors can have a restful night.

Report a night game or drop after 23.00 to the camp staff. Stealing or borrowing another's group and national flags, etc. is not allowed.

Reduce the use of alcohol and, of course, drugs are not allowed. You can only use alcohol at your own campsite.

Smoking is only allowed on your campsite at the campfire bin. It is forbidden to throw fissures on the ground, think about the fire safety. It is also not allowed to smoke on the trails, at the sports field, at the camp staff or at the WIFI spot.

Failure to comply with the rules may mean removal of the campsite.

When you leave the camp site, at the end of, we hope, a successful camp, the responsible leader(m/f) reports to the camp staff. They check the field and so on and say goodbye to the troop.