Why do you need 70% down payment and not exactly 100%?

In busy weekends and summer camps we ask if you a down payment of 70% of the total invoice. There will always be some nights with less or additional nights. The amount that differs from what you have specified is settled in the last 30% before departure at the campstaff, this can be done by pin. Up to 8 weeks in advance, you can change numbers, but make sure you haven't paid too much allready. Keep in mind that if you come with less people you can also get a smaller field. Do not forget to include a completed nightregister.

Can I buy firewood at the campsite?

Yes, you can buy wood on site. You can also gather it from the ground. Often there is still plenty of dead wood at the back of the field on the ground. Take it to your campsite and make it small with an ax or a saw. The wood from the hedgerows should not be used as firewood.

There's a dead tree, can we cut it down for firewood?

No, you should never take down a tree. Dead trees that pose no danger to the campers are often hosts for birds and other small animals. Wood can be gathered from the ground.

We are an environmentally conscious group. Can we separate our waste?

Yes, at the Naaldenveld is a paper container, a glass container and two moloks for household waste. If you want to separate plastic you can pick up a bag at the camp staff. The bag of plastic waste must be brougt to the milleustraat in the district (5 minute walk) by yourself. Bulky waste such as theme material, broken camping equipment must be taken home again.

Reservation website won't work, what can I do?

If you can not enter our dutch reservation system, please fill in the form on the Google drive and send this as complete as possible to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I make reservations for the hike campsite?

Yes, please contact the campsite 'Schoteroog'. More information on the contact page.

Where do I park when I come with a large bus or truck?

Touring buses and large lorries can not reach up to the Naaldenveld and can not turn at the end of the Zuidlaan. To not block the Zuidlaan we ask for you to park at the Grenslaan. See the route. If you are in doubt if the truck can go onto the premises, please park on the Grenslaan and first let the driver see if he can turn it around there. Caravans can only park at Lange Veld A, B or C. Campers are not allowed on the Naaldenveld.

Can I hang a hammock or make a cableway?

Yes, as long as you do not damage the trees. A cloth around the tree is often enough for a hammock. Also if you pioneer on trees, protect the trees. With a cableway, more pressure will be on the tree and the tree needs better protection.

Is there electricity available?

Yes, in some fields there is electricity available. You must bring a (blue) CCE plug. These items are especially suitable for a light bulb or for charging your phone. If you have other devices, please ask team reservations if this is possible. Look for the cost at 'rates'.
During weekends and camp weeks there is also electricity at the area next to 't Gemak'. Here you can also charge your phone or power bank for free.

Why is it useful if I fill in the nightregister and registration form at home?

If you come camping you'll want to go build your campsite as soon as possible. If you have allready filled in the nightregister and the application form, this will save you a lot of time. Do you also remember to bring the 50 euros in cash for the fire extinguisher?